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Row for Oxford

The OUBC exists to produce crews to race against Cambridge in the annual Boat Race. Dating back to 1829, the 4¼ mile side-by-side race on the challenging tidal reaches of the river Thames in London provides one of the most demanding challenges in the world of rowing for the students who take part in it. Whilst the Boat Race defines its mission, the club also has an enviable record of creating and attracting international standard rowers. 17 Olympic gold medals have been won by Oxford rowers since 1992 alone.


For student-athletes who are not currently at the University and are seriously considering applying, please click 'Register interest' below to complete the contact form. Please be aware that the academic standard for admissions at Oxford is very high and rowers wanting to race for Oxford should already be competing at a very good standard.


For students already matriculated in the university, perhaps rowing for your college crew, who believe they have what it takes to 'step up', please submit your details through the 'Development Squad' form.

“I can’t speak highly enough of my time rowing for OUBC. The coaching is second to none, the training is cutting edge and the entire experience is unparalleled. I would not have made it to the Rio Olympics without the lessons I learned rowing for Oxford.”

Mike DiSanto, Former OUBC President

Get in touch

Please complete the form below to register your interest in rowing for Oxford.

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