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The Topolski Fund

OUBC depends on generous donations from alumni and supporters to maintain its place amongst the world’s finest university rowing clubs and ensure that Oxford students can enjoy the unrivalled educational experience provided by the Boat Race. Over the years, donors have provided boats, buildings (most notably the Iffley Road gym and tank and the Fleming Boathouse at Wallingford) together with training camps and coaches. The Topolski Fund is now our area of greatest need, so we hope you will consider directing your support towards it.

The Topolski Fund was founded by alumni donors in 2017 in memory of legendary Oxford coach Daniel Topolski (1945-2015). The fund, a permanent endowment fund, is designed to provide financial assistance to all four Oxford University rowing clubs in years where commercial sponsorship is below what is required. We believe that this professionally managed permanent endowment, which ensures that all University rowing clubs are secure, is the best way to ensure that future generations have the opportunity to participate in the Boat Race.

The clubs require a fund of £20 million to ensure that the current programmes can operate without the need for significant student contributions. To date donors have pledged £10.6 million in outright gifts plus a matched funding pledge (for every £1 you give, an additional £1 will be donated by the founder donors, up to £2 million).

Total pledges of £12.6 million is a great start towards our target of £20 million, but we need your help to raise the remaining £7.4 million. We welcome support from donors at all levels and we are so grateful for every contribution. Donations can be made securely and tax efficiently via the University’s Development Office (the club is able to reclaim an additional 25p for every £1 donated if donations are made using Gift Aid) or the North America Office. Donations can be made in three different ways:

  • One-off donations of cash or shares

  • Regular monthly or annual gifts

  • Legacy gifts pledged in your Will

With your help, we can ensure that OUBC can meet its current needs and safeguard the Boat Race experience for future generations.

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